Revealing the best Ethiopian micro-lots on Wednesday the 3rd of July (2:00 p.m. London)

We proudly present The Ethiopian Cup; the specialty coffee auction that reveals the best Ethiopian micro-lots to roasters and coffee drinkers worldwide. The auction gives homage to the diversity and beauty of coffees birthplace and honors the growers behind the beans.
On Wednesday the 3rd of July (2:00 p.m. London) we welcome all
coffee roasters to bid on the best Ethiopian coffees of 2018/2019.

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The Ethiopian Cup timeline

22nd – 24th of May: jury cuppings

24th of May: final lots revealed and samples available

Wednesday 12th of June: final day for sample purchases (SAMPLES ARE CLOSED)

Wednesday the 3rd of July, 2:00 p.m. London: auction day (UPDATED)




The All-Star Jury

Only a handful of carefully selected lots will be cupped at Trabocca’s headquarters by an all-star jury - including Rubens Gardelli (Gardelli Specialty Coffee), Ryan Knapp (Madcap Coffee), Katy Keisling (Stumptown Coffee Roasters), Anette Moldvaer (Square Mile Coffee Roasters), Myung Geun Kim (Coffeelibre), Scott Tedder (Bonanza Coffee), Jose Aguilar (Mon- mouth Coffee), Lee Jong Hoon (Coffee Graffiti), and Lex Wenneker (Friedhats Coffee Roasters).

The Growers


The Cup invites growers from all regions in Ethiopia to submit their best coffees. The finalists will be awarded with unconventional premiums. Tibebu Roba, smallholder and last year’s auc- tion winner, can attest to this; taking home an astounding USD 33.658 premium. Tibebu’s 91-scoring natural Yirgacheffe was bought and roasted by Kentaro Maruyama and Pil Hoon Sue (Coffeelibre).




About Trabocca


As Trabocca, we have embarked on a journey to discover, develop and deliver great coffees, and we welcome you to join us. On the principle of transparency, we work together with farmers, cooperatives, and exporters to provide high quality, traceable coffees to roasters worldwide.
We believe the continuity of high-quality benefits from long-term relationships. Having worked to- gether with some of the farmers and roasters for over 15 years now. We are dedicated to improv- ing the whole supply chain by establishing close relationships between farmers and roasters.


We supply specialty and certified green coffee from outstanding producers to some of the most well-regard- ed coffee roasters worldwide. Trabocca was founded in 2003 by Menno Simons together with The Organic Corporation. Menno was responsible for bringing the first organic auditors to Ethiopia to certify coffee.
The Ethiopian Cup is embedded in Trabocca’s vision to pursue great coffee and stimulates better payment for the participating growers of Ethiopia. “Especially when coffee market prices are at an all-time low, we find it necessary to voice an alternative. Auctions like The Ethiopian Cup are not a prime solution to the layered problem of coffee prices, but they are a sign of hope for the Ethiopian grower.” – Menno Simons