Lot 13b: Lot #13 Aricha smalholders

Gedeo, or Yirgacheffe, is considered to be a place of pilgrimage for specialty coffee buyers. The often bright and pointy acidic floral coffees are a trademark for this small yet famous region. If we dive into the origins of Gedeo people, we quickly learn about the ancient Daraso; an elder brother of Gujo, father of the Guji people. Daraso fathered seven sons that today form the tribes, or houses, of Gedeo, namely; Doobba’a, Darashsha, Gorggorshsha, Hamuma, Bakarro, Henbba’a, and Logoda.

Once you enter Yirgacheffe, through the town of Dilla, you notice how populated the area is. On average, families have eight or more children: a symbol of fruitfulness and pride. The greater part of Yirgacheffe farms are 0,5 – 2 hectares. Basically, the backyard of a household. The smallholders of Gedeo call this the ‘ garden production system’. Besides coffee, you find the enset plants (also known as false banana) that naturally mingle with the coffee trees; it is hard to see where a farm begins and ends, it is practically all forest.

If you travel to the Aricha community, found in Yirgacheffe, you take the dusty and bumpy A8-highway. A curly rocky road leads you away from the main road and into the Aricha Kebele, which rests upon the Eastern slope of the Great Rift Valley. These dense forests are home to the Aricha people; coffee farmers by birth. The farms of these smallholders are mostly dominated by coffee plants from the Kurume variety. A highly regarded variety in Ethiopia.

In 2018, the communities around Aricha were stirred up by the sudden visit of a man called Faysel A. Yonis, founder of Testi Coffee. Testi Coffee is an exporter and long-term partner of Trabocca. Faysel invited the town elders to talk about Testi’s decision to take over a neglected local washing station called Adorsi. During the lunch meeting, with of course a coffee ceremony, Faysel asked the elders and farmers what the community expects of Testi. The elders and farmers made it clear that there was great need for electricity in their neighborhood. Faysel installed a committee dedicated to make this happen.

The smallholders of Aricha have submitted their best to the Adorsi washing station. There, Faysel and his co-workers of Testi and Adori have transformed the coffee into a beautiful natural Yirgacheffe-1 that competes in The Ethiopian Cup.

Coffee and cupping details


Subtle ferment aroma. Winny sweet, little boozy. Chocolate. Sweet great body. Very round and creamy texture. Brown sugar. Sweet lasts.
Good fruity sweetness. Berries. Physalis. Juicy.

Bags: 6
Weight: 396.8 lbs
Score: 87.71
Harvest Date: 2018 - 2019

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: Adorsi washing station
Top Performing Farmer: Aricha smalholders
Top Performing District: Aricha, Yirgacheffe, Gedeo
Farm Elevation: 1950 - 2150 m.a.s.l.
Processing Method: Natural

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