Lot 21c: Lot #21 Sali Geligelu

While the true origin of the Gedeo people is lost to time, one legend tells of a man called Daraso who had two wives and seven sons, from whom the seven Gedeo clans descended. We don’t know how true the legend is, but Sali Geligelu does mirror the ancient Daraso in several ways.

This slight smallholder from Gedeb in the Gedeo zone, like his ancestor from long ago, has two wives and many children – sixteen to be exact. Sali is not powerfully built, and his face is creased from 30 years working on his farms. But behind this slight frame and weathered 45-year-old face lies a fiery passion that is evident when Sali starts talking about his coffee crop.

From his 9 hectares located around Worka Chelbessa at an altitude ranging from 2000 to 2200 metres, Sali produces around 150 bags (each weighing 85 kgs) of top quality Yirgacheffe coffee every year. The coffee trees are carefully tended and when it is time to pick the cherries, Sali – with the help of some of his children – personally makes sure that only ripe red cherries are handpicked and never mixed with inferior ones. After picking, Sali takes care to keep the coffee isolated from anything that can harm it in any way – rodents, dirt, and anything that can impart its own smell to the coffee.

After the cherries are dried on drying beds naturally, Sali takes the coffee to one of Mijane Worasso’s (one of the suppliers Trabocca sources Gedeb coffee from) mills. In fact, it was here that Daniel Mijane, Mijane Worassu’s son and manager of the mill at Chelchela, noticed the quality of Sali’s coffee and brought it to Trabocca’s attention. As a result, Sali’s 2018/2019 coffee is in the running for The Ethiopian Cup this year.

While Sali is confident in the quality of his coffee and is sure that whoever buys his coffee will enjoy it, he is worried about the coffee market. “I work hard on my coffee”, Sali says, “My family helps, my wife helps, but what we get from all our hard work is not proportionate to the work we put in.”

The chance to have one of his lots entered in an international auction has given Sali a healthy dose of encouragement. All his hard work is finally paying off and being recognized, meaning Sali is going to do more of what he has been doing all these years – carefully tending his coffee trees and keeping a vigilant eye on the cherries. Sali hopes that roasters and coffee drinkers around the world will enjoy the flavors he has so carefully nurtured and cared for and come back for more every year.

Coffee and cupping details


Sweet. Well rounded. Strong notes of strawberry. Fresh fruity and berries.

Bags: 6
Weight: 396.8 lbs
Score: 87.35
Harvest Date: 2018 - 2019

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: Sali Geligelu Farm
Top Performing Farmer: Sali Geligelu
Top Performing District: Chelibesa, Gedeb, Gedeo
Farm Elevation: 2177 m.a.s.l.
Processing Method: Natural

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Farm Details

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