Lot 7a: Lot #7 Tefera Kebebe

Most of the Sidama zone in Ethiopia is blessed with rich, fertile soil that often doesn’t even need much compost to grow crops. But a certain farmer named Kebede thought it best to move from Mamana to Bensa Wene to grow his coffee. He brought his young son with him, Teferra Kebede – the only one of eight sons to follow in his footsteps and become a farmer.
With his cowboy hat and slim build, 61-year-old Teferra Kebede is a striking figure. His serious face quickly transforms when a large smile flashes across it, something that happens quite often.

When he was 19, Teferra married his first wife, and started farming on his own. His father gave him his fields, and while he learned much from his father, Teferra also learned from government agriculture specialists, studying more about coffee varieties and choosing the best ones to grow.

In the mid-90s he planted 2,200 seedlings of special coffee which he purchased from the government. Since then he has added another 1750 to his fields. He uses 3.9 hectares of his 5 hectares of land to grow his Sidama coffee. The rest is used for banana and ensete, which also provides food for his family. “The ground is fertile, the air is pleasant, and the land is good for coffee”, he says, adding that in harvest season, he needs to hire about 25 helpers to harvest the coffee cherries. Teferra trains those he hires to ensure they pick the cherries with no damage to the delicate coffee trees, and when the coffee is drying, to turn the cherries on time for even drying. He personally oversees every detail and takes pride in knowing every inch of his fields.

Teferra obtained his export license last year and sees great potential for the years ahead. He says, “In the past we just took care of the coffee, it wasn’t really our own. Now we have a hand in every step, all the way to the international market. The coffee is truly ours now.” He says he feels that his hard work is now appreciated. Reaching out to the international market has opened his eyes to a world of possibilities. “I wish I’d known about this earlier”, he says; adding, “And I really wish I could someday meet the people who drink my coffee. That would make me happy.” He believes direct export helps everyone, and especially that the next generation will benefit from the reduction in poverty. Teferra expects his exports to grow in the future, and being a big believer in education, plans to spend part of what he earns on improving schools in the area.

Like most families in the Sidama zone, Teferra’s is a large family. He has two wives, three boys, and three girls. While his sons help in his fields, he has made sure their education has not suffered. His eldest son, in fact, is in college learning electronics in the nearby town of Daye, and the youngest is in the seventh grade now. His girls are married and have started families of their own.


Coffee and cupping details


Clean. Sweet. Slight savory note as cools. (beef) Good well rounded coffee. Very distinguished flavor note.
Delegate aftertaste. A bit herbal in flavour. Creamy.

Bags: 7
Weight: 462.9 lbs
Score: 87.89
Harvest Date: 2018 - 2019

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: Tefera Kebebe Farm
Top Performing Farmer: Tefera Kebebe
Top Performing District: Hache, Bensa, Sidama
Farm Elevation: 2050 - 2210 m.a.s.l.
Processing Method: Natural

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Farm Details

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